Susan – Austin, TX

2015-01-05 21:56:05 admin

I was faced with a pretty rough time in my life. Like so many others, I lost my job and my retirement money was covering my house payments. Then just as the real estate market fell some pretty serious health issues surfaced and I had to leave my home behind and return to my Mother’s in another state in order to regain my health. On the advice of someone very dear to me, I put my home in Mimi’s hands. I’d never met her, but I trusted this person with my life and so I turned the biggest material investment I’ve ever made over to her. There was never a moment of regret! She saved me from foreclosure, and the loss of all my retirement monies, with a lease/purchase program on my home. Once I signed the dotted line, Mimi and her associates took care of everything for me. I never lost a minute of sleep or doubted any action they took. With my health restored, I returned to my home state and finally met Mimi face-to-face at a wedding. After a great big bear hug, I thanked her for helping save my life. Mimi is quite a woman and I’m proud to now have her as a friend!

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